Two African servals escape from pet store owner’s barn in Alabama

A pair of exotic African servals are on the loose after escaping from the barn where they were being kept in Alabama.

Lacey Harring, owner of pet store 256Exotics, said in a Facebook post that two servals — African cats that resemble small leopards — escaped from her Huntsville barn Sunday night.

Harring said the felines escaped by digging a tunnel under one of the walls.

She asked anyone who spots the animals to contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office or local animal control officers.

A Huntsville Police Department spokesperson said officers were unaware of the escape, but urged residents to use caution if they spot the animals.

“We would advise citizens to be aware of surroundings, use caution and report any sightings,” the representative told WHNT-TV.

Alabama is one of 18 states that allow private individuals to own servals without a permit.